Film Programming

Film Programming

I currently work as a film programmer for BFI Flare. My film interests include queer, DIY, activist and feminist works. I am always looking out for the marginal, the silenced and the unconsidered.

I am also very interested in the crossover between the political and the digital: In 2016 I worked on the first tech symposium featured at BFI Flare alongside David Edgar, and in 2017 I programmed SEXIT: What the Fuck is Happening with UK Porn Laws? to open up space for debate around the Digital Economy Bill. The panel featured Jiz Lee, Pandora Blake and Myles Jackman - you can listen to the Sight and Sound podcast reviewing it here. I also screened two radical porn films Enactone by Sky Deep and Snapshot by Shine Louise-Houston.

Other projects include Wotever DIY Film Festival and ||Pembe Hayat in Turkey|, as well as independent projects such as Get Off My Back Will You And Let Someone Else Have A Chance with the ICA and Rewind Fast Forward.

Read my first interview as a film programmer here.

I have written about Flare and the problems of race and power on Media Diversified.

You can see an interview with myself and one of the programmers at Pembe Hayat here.