• Foyle Young Poets Discussion

    Foyle Young Poets Discussion

    I won the Foyle competition back in 2005 and it has been a constant thread in my life ever since. Very excited to |be presenting a short talk|http://poetrysociety.org.uk/event/the-poetry-society-showcase/| alongside judges Kayo Chingonyi and Sinead Morrisey, as well as the editor of the Poetry Review, Emily Berry. Chaired by our favourite chairperson and education manager at the Poetry Society, Nazmia Jamal.

  • Girls Girls Girls

    Girls Girls Girls

    Rather delightfully, I have been invited to this event and will be reading some poetry about being non-binary, queer and masculine.

  • Rap Party!

    Rap Party!

    Friday 6th October, I'll be part of Inua Ellams's regular Rap Party at Rich Mix. I've done one before, writing about the influence Missy Elliot had on me and my sister. Will be fun times.

  • Cafe Writers and Ink, Sweat and Tears Pamphlet Competition

    Cafe Writers and Ink, Sweat and Tears Pamphlet Competition

    In 2014 I was joint winner of this delightful competition. Since then I have produced the pamphlet, The Red and Yellow Nothing, which was shortlisted for the Ted Hughes Award and has received many good reviews. I am now judging the competition for 2017 and recommend applying; you only need to send in a proposal, and you get an amazing £2k prize to support your writing. I will also say that IS&T were incredibly supportive, respectful of the sometimes bizarre writing process and as a small press, were very willing to take a chance on a nut job like yours truly. Apply!

  • Hay Festival, Segovia

    Hay Festival, Segovia

    I am going to be performing as part of two events at the Hay Festival in Segovia.

    The first event is a garden reading which looks great and features a whole host of writers: Estefanía Muñoz, Belén Ferrier, Simon Manley, Caroline Michel, Nikesh Shukula, José Felix Valdivieso, Matthijs van Bozel and Christina Ward.

    The second event is going to be a solo show, in which I read the latest versions of my Surge poems - writing about the New Cross Fire, its relationship to Grenfell, as well as work around film and the archive.

  • Among Other Things, I've Taken Up Smoking

    Among Other Things, I've Taken Up Smoking

    Excitingly, I am going to be part of a group show in Rotterdam this September. The works I produced for Dream Babes will be expanded, enlarged and re-represented as part of what looks like a really interesting line-up.

    Check TENT out here: http://www.tentrotterdam.nl/

  • Platinum Paradise: Late at Tate, June 2nd

    Platinum Paradise: Late at Tate, June 2nd

    I'll be screening a short new video work about silences in history, my own exploration of archives and my response to the Queer British Art exhibition at Tate Britain.

    I'll also be on a panel with the curator, Clare Barlow and QBA Channel 4 Random Acts artists Stephen Isaac-Wilson and Kareem Reid. Wilson and Reed have a great video that's part of the exhibition, so it will be an interesting discussion.

  • How Are You Still Clean? ICA, May 25th

    How Are You Still Clean? ICA, May 25th

    I'm reading a short piece at this student forum, about contagion, contamination, infiltration - with a sprinkling of sexuality, race, all that good stuff:

    Join us for an evening of poetic readings and live performances by poets and artists Jay Bernard, Tai Shani, Jesse Darling, Mariana Echeverri & Madeleine Stack, Sophie Robinson and Taylor le Melle.

    How are you still clean sets out to examine whether the terror of obliteration from without has been replaced with the fear of infiltration from within. Contagion – viruses, oil spills, nuclear waste leakage, home-grown terrorists; the call is coming from inside the house. How does language penetrate? How are we made dirty? Do we wish to be clean?


    More information can be found here.

  • Poetry & Bystanding: To act, speak and write? May 27th

    Poetry & Bystanding: To act, speak and write? May 27th

    I'll be reading at this event as part of Greenwich Book Festival. From the website:

    Poetry & Bystanding: What makes us act? What is the trigger that moves us to speak, to write? And are those actions enough? Is doing nothing also doing something? Join poets Sophie Mayer (author of, among other titles, The Private Parts of Girls and O) and Jay Bernard (whose poetry collections include Your Sign is Cuckoo, Girl and The Red & Yellow Nothing) and Kat Peddie (who wrote Spaces for Sappho) who will read from their powerful, feminist work.

    A discussion about the role of poetry in activism will be a chaired by poet and art critic Cherry Smyth (author of Queer Notions and Test, Orange, among other titles).

    Check it out here.

  • Techno Resistance and Black Futures Festival, May 27th

    Techno Resistance and Black Futures Festival, May 27th

    I am very excited to be part of the line-up at this festival taking place May 27th, at Goldsmiths.

    I got in touch with Ramon Amaro, the organiser, a few months ago, we exchanged a few emails and finally chatted about technology, sexuality, race and the future. It looked like a good fit, so now I'll be delivering a short paper about the work I'm currently doing with VR entitled #IMMERSIVE: For Those Who Have Considered VR When The World Is Not Enough.

    Check out the programme here.

  • Queer and Trans Writing, June 9th.

    Queer and Trans Writing, June 9th.

    I am very pleased to be reading as part of Queer and Trans writing at Goldsmiths on June 9th 2017. The lineup is pretty cool:


    Hosted by Naz Jamal.

    Event page is here.

    Book tickets here.

  • Something Said, a new commission with Dazed

    Something Said, a new commission with Dazed

    The word is out - Jacqui Davies company has announced that the project I'm working with, Philomela's Chorus, will be out in the Summer.

    This project, broadly speaking, is based on my research at the George Padmore Archives, where I focused on the New Cross Fire, in which thirteen young black people died in 1981. My film, Something Said, will be an imaginative re-telling of what happened the night after, placing the black woman whose birthday it was - Yvonne Ruddock - at the centre of an enquiry into how the event has echoed through history and what it means in a new cultural context of rising fascism post-Brexit.

  • Bare Lit Festival: Writing to be Seen, April 22nd

    Bare Lit Festival: Writing to be Seen, April 22nd

    This should be fun: I will be speaking at the Bare Lit Festival on what it means to write a text and get it from page to stage.

    Other artists speaking: Be Manzini (Love In Motion, 2016), Lucy Sheen (Call The Midwife, 2017), Jay Bernard (The Red and Yellow Nothing, 2016), Nadia Latif (Homegrown, 2017), Rikki Beadle-Blair (Blackbird, 2014).

  • Surge: Side A, Roundhouse, June 3rd 2017

    Surge: Side A, Roundhouse, June 3rd 2017

    I'm doing a new film / performance work as part of the Last Word festival at the Roundhouse. It follows on from my work at the George Padmore Institute looking at the New Cross Fire.