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English Breakfast - written as a product of my fellowship at the National University of Singapore, 2011/12
English Breakfast

In 2011 I went to Singapore to undertake a fellowship at the National University. It was amazing - a lot came out of it, including this pamphlet, which you can order||here.|

From 'Coming from Ankhit':

Do you Jay? Do you rub lotion on an otherwise bald white skin
to make it blacker? Are you really a Jersey cow, or are you like
the long lashed sabu, gold, really, or are you really skinless
like the pig, being dead, being skinned with a knife?

From 'The Language of Fish':

In my flat there’s a photo of a boat a little way out to sea.
Now it’s reclaimed land and sepia prints are the only proof
that fishermen ever returned to the one-storey shop-houses
lining the sea front, and lit joss sticks in the sand. That temple
sent the smoke of gratitude into the fickle dark to find some
warm ocean current, tasted by whoever, whatever, was listening.

From 'A Milken Bud':

I was never a mother; I never brought to term
a lit cluster of dividing eggs, thriving like bulbs
and streaming behind me, like the proud amphibious
matriarchs hatching their young in my hip bone.