Current and upcoming --Far from the Start, sound installation, Jan 31-April 7, Studio Voltaire
Poesie Du Louvre, from March 21, Sound Installation and Anthology
Siblings, roundtable and pamphlet launch, April 11, LRB Bookshop, London
Previous --Politics of the Voice, March 29, Courtesan Festival, Ghent
Deptford Literature Festival Magazine, March 16, "Two Haircuts"
Far from the Start, Feb 26, christeeeene w/Elaine Mitchener, Cherry Custard/DubLab
What the Narrative Leaves Behind, Feb 15, Reid Hall Paris
Outspoken LDN, Oct 26, Southbank Centre
Poets for Palestine, Oct 30, fundraiser for Medical Aid for Palestinians
Poetry London, Summer 2023, Issue 105
The Last Seven Years @ Bold Tendencies
Blue Now x Wetransfer, with Travis Alabanza, Russell Tovey and Joelle Taylor
Crystals of This Social Substance, The Serpentine, 2021
Something Said Performance @ Arika, Glasgow, 2019
In Conversation --On the Loss of Energy: Radiogram from the Remnants of Collisions
A Conversation with Elaine Mitchener, Das Wetter Magazine
A Sociological Encounter: An Interview with Kayo Chingonyi
Against Mastery: On Ta Nehisi Coate's Water Dancer with Sita Balani
Calibrating Intimacies: On Sylvia Wynter, Macbeth and Therapy with Mijke Van der Drift
Queer Studies Network: In Conversation with Lola Olufemi
Tombland at Norwich Writers Festival, with Mwen and Jenny Niven
Books --Surge
Mapping the Future
Siblings (pre-order)

Jay Bernard -- poetry, speech, text, sound -- linktree / cv / @cmmn_stance / 🇵🇸 / contact via: suresh at sprungsultan dot com